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Industrial Steel Decking & Composite Steel Decking

Industrial Steel Decking

Our Steel Decking is manufactured by a Steel Deck Institute (SDI) Certified Member. Decking comes in various Sizes, Profiles, Material Gauges, Loading Capabilities and can be used for: Mezzanine Floors, Ceilings, Canopies, Shelving and can also have concrete poured over it. Most of the Decking is produced from G60 or G90 Bare Galvanized material. Securing the pan~ls to the sub-structure can be done by either welding with weld-washers or using special fasteners made to penetrate into the thick steel below. Accessories such as Rubber Closures, Fasteners and pour Stop Angles are also available.

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Composite Steel Decking

Panel Notes:

  1. All Panels can be prime painted, either White or Gray at an additional cost. This will allow you to field paint any color desired.
  2. Panels – DK-1, DK-4, DK-5 & DK-6 are also available in acoustical.
  3. Panels – DK-5 & DK-6 are made as a “Cellular” roof deck panel with a flat metal inner liner and a ribbed profile on the outer layer.
  4. Panels – DK-11, DK-12 & DK-13 can also be made into a “Cellular” deck panel.